#19 Rasmus Kupari, C, Kärpät (10/7/17)

vs. JYP Jyväskylä (LIIGA)


2018 NHL Draft prospect Rasmus Kupari has no problem handling the puck against men, as he picks up the puck on the cycle from below the goal line and circles the perimeter. This is a failed play as a result of a teammate nearly taking him out, as you can see he recovers and makes a move along the line. The sentiment is this was a hiccup, as he has the smarts to take that inside lane opening if his teammate doesn’t throw him off course. Worth monitoring, though, as it’s a problem if he dipsy doodles and gets closed off like that frequently.


Young Kupari opens up the clip using his head and stick to distract the opponent, which freed up the puck for his teammate to scoop up. His D zone play can tighten up as his own zone range is too loose and expansive, though his excellent skating ability is obvious. As the play heads up ice, you will see his soft hands allow smooth pass reception in flight and he’s able to shortly thereafter pull up and get a shot off while covered closely.

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