#14 Andrei Svechnikov, RW, Barrie (10/5/17)

vs. North Bay Battalion (OHL)


2018 NHL Draft top prospect Andrei Svechnikov takes a pass in stride on his backhand while flying up the right wing wall. He challenges the defender wide and when he gets a step on him at the edge, makes a hard cut to the net and scores through ensuing chaos.


In a play where Svechnikov is backed up to the opponent’s goal line to attempt a scoring chance, you wouldn’t expect him to be involved in a highlight defensive play. But he did just that. Svechnikov’s high IQ has him drift to the center point once he realizes the play’s risk. When the Battalion’s Brett McKenzie takes off, Svechnikov closes the gap with tremendous skating power and at the last second gets just enough of a stick check to jar the puck and thwart McKenzie’s chance.


Take a look at this clip broadly as there is no goal or highlight reel move. Appreciate how much the Colts’ offense funnels through Svechnikov with how they repeatedly get the puck to him in the right circle. Svechnikov has the makings of a prolific OHL scorer whose team’s game plan will undoubtedly feed him an incredible amount of rubber.


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