#4 Cam Dineen, D, North Bay (10/5/17)

vs. Barrie Colts (OHL)


Arizona Coyotes 2016 NHL Draft pick Cam Dineen is shown being chased down behind his net while on the PP by the Colts Andrei Svechnikov. The play ultimately gets progressed out of the zone, but that is not what you want to see out of a highly acclaimed puck mover.


Shown here is a fairly positive sequence where Dineen displays escapability from his own end, as well as being able to flip a play in the reverse direction fluidity with pressure on his back. Not the cleanest execution, but gets the job done.


In this clip, Dineen starts the play afraid to go after the puck with Colts monster forward Curtis Douglas bearing down on him, loses the battle, gains the puck back by luck, and then half asses it up the boards because of Douglas again. This resulted in extended possession by Barrie where we see Dineen completely dwarfed in front of the net and in the corners.

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