#17 Justin Brazeau, RW, North Bay (10/5/17)

vs. Barrie Colts (OHL)


Undrafted 98DOB Justin Brazeau has shown to be a threat on the PK with ample size at 6’5”, reach, a lot of effort, and a little bit of skill. On this PK break, he shows competency with the puck in open ice to drive to the middle and create a shot.


On this play, Brazeau accents all of his positive traits with excellent hockey sense. He opens this clip up by intercepting a pass and immediately translating it into a scoring chance. Then, he goes after his rebound and closes in on not one, but two Colts in the same sequence. Brazeau gets after the last Colt to have the puck and swiftly takes it from him. Surrounded by four Colts, he loses the war, but not after he drains about :20 from the other team’s PP. Look for further development from this overage prospect as he has some nice qualities, in a pro frame, and most important of all work-rate.

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