#11 Jaret Anderson-Dolan, C, Spokane (10/18/2017)

vs. Moose Jaw (WHL)


This is a complex clip that encapsulates Los Angeles Kings prospect Jaret Anderson-Dolan’ game: efficiently skilled two-way center with attacking mentality and some offensive limitation creatively. As a center, he’s naturally going to swoop through the middle and present as a pass option for his D to break the puck out. However, the D unit has a ton of confidence in JAD, and he was noticeably reliable here throughout the game. He transitions through the neutral zone with a good handle, but loses the puck when the attack converges on him. Can’t ding him there really, but there were other opportunities in one-on-one situations where he wasn’t able to escape either so worth monitoring development there. Despite losing the puck, you see his competitiveness when he gets it right back, grinds up the boards through a check, and hits his point man with a pass.


JAD starts the play causing yet another turnover, this time in the neutral zone, and takes off as F2. They eventually lose the puck, but he circles back and takes a stretch pass into a breakaway scenario. He almost splits the D, but jumps to the outside and loses the handle where he ends corralling it around the boards to the other side of the ice. Without the puck, you see his hockey sense to support the play and find a pocket – that is until he can’t restrain himself from giving the closest PK’er a light, distracting push!


You’re looking at a pro play right here with the puck behind the net. JAD battles behind the cage where he emerges with possession, protects the puck well giving him space to get the pass off the boards to the point man. His hard work results in a teammate’s center point shot, as well as another’s rebound shot. This screams NHL handiwork.